Pre Register For Honors

Welcome to Final Honor's Pre Registration process

Sooner or hopefully later, we all pass on. Final Honor's mission is to do everything we can to help every eligible Veteran receive the honors they deserve.

To make this process easier on your family, we have set up a pre-registration system. This allows you, the Veteran, to enter your information and upload a copy of your eligibility document now, so your family doesn’t have to do it while trying to make other arrangements at the time of your passing. Just locating the right document is a real challenge for the next of kin.

If you choose to provide the information for the pre-registration process, your request will remain encrypted until the time comes that someone will request your military funeral honors by entering your name, date of birth, and SSN. This could be in a week, month, year, or 30 years. When this happens, it will populate your Military Funeral Honors request with the information you have entered. All that will be required from that point, to request your Military Funeral Honors, is for your authorized next of kin to enter the time and location for your honors and click the “submit” button.

This will make the process to request your final honors significantly easier on your family!! Our promise to you is that your information and record will be safeguarded and used ONLY for the purpose it was intended, for you to receive your Military Funeral Honors.

Our storage processes are current with industry standards and will be kept current with any emerging technology in the future to safeguard your records. Once entered, we can’t even access your record; only your next of kin or authorized representative with the correct information can retrieve your record. The Final Honors Foundation is a non-profit and therefore all services we provide to Veterans, Veteran families, and/or authorized representatives have no cost.


Please make sure you have a copy of your DD214, Discharge Certificate, or other document that proves your eligibility uploaded prior to submitting your request, in .jpg or .pdf format. You will need to upload your document at the time you submit your pre-registration. You only need to submit one document that shows the type of discharge you received. (i.e. Honorable, General, Dishonorable). If you have a Dishonorable Discharge, you are NOT eligible to receive Military Funeral Honors, so please do not register! If you don’t have the proper documentation, please request your documents through the National Archives at the following link:

Thank you!
The FHF Team